Comfort Favourites     .....    Comfort food can be defined as often providing a nostalgic or sentimental feeling to the person eating it.  
That's hitting the nail on the head. 

Take a trip down memory lane and revisit the favourite comfort foods from your childhood. 

In addition to all of these comfort foods keep in mind our list of Hearty Soups that are created from scratch - Chicken Noodle, Spicy Italian, Beef Barley, Vegetable Broccoli & Cheese, Cream of Corn, Scotch Broth and so on.

You can now purchase any of these favourites for your next family dinner !!!  Portions available to serve approximately 8 to 10.
Spinach & Beef Cannelloni
Lazy Lasagna
Chili Con Carne
Shepherd's Pie
Chicken ala King on a Bed of Rice
Lazy Cabbage Rolls
Beef Stew
Curried Beef
Curried Chicken on a Bed of Rice
Chicken Stirfry with Rice
Beef Stirfry with Rice
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